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Hi, we’re Best-Agency.biz-marketing-videos.com… it’s great to meet you!

At Best-Agency.biz-marketing-video.com, we’ve been creating high quality footage for companies big and small for the past several years. While we’re a hip and young new start-up though, we collectively have decades of experience in the industry and each of us comes from a professional background in video creation.


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Our Story

Best-Agency.Biz-Marketing-Videos.com got its start in 2013, when our founding members saw a niche in the market. We found that affiliate marketing was a really great market to be a part of, however finding videos to advertise our products was simply not cost effective; it left a great imbalance in the industry.

Because while big companies, could afford the services of the big production companies, those smaller start-ups and entrepreneurs don’t have the same luxury.

This meant that the bigger companies were able to get bigger because they had the help of professional video production teams that could make their videos really stand out and look professional. They could win the trust of their customers and persuade them to place an order.

Meanwhile, smaller companies were left with no chance of competing. They had to cobble together footage from their smartphones, without the help of flashy introductions or bottom thirds.

But here’s the thing: creating those materials doesn’t need to be expensive. It doesn’t cost a lot to produce; it simply takes a particular skill and the right tools.

So Beverly decided to level the playing field. That’s how Best-Agency.Biz-Marketing-Videos.com was born, with a single mission statement: to provide the same high quality animations and footage at a price those even small businesses could afford.

I am a Freelancer, and I offer personalized videos for your business; I want to offer a bonus to you when you purchase from me in order to demonstrate how serious I am about working to gain more business for you.

I will add 30 days of targeted traffic backlinks to your homepage and whichever page you choose to load the video on.

I will only take on clients no closer than a 50 mile radius to a similar business type which matches your business; because I want to make sure of fairness to each business I work to increase traffic and business for.


  • In order to keep clear documentation of what your ideas are for your video, please email with the details needed to add to the videos you see here.
  • I will need a transparent logo:
  • The exact web-address and contact info you want on the video.


Best Regards,

Beverly Frazier



Our Promise

At Best-Agency.Biz-Marketing-Videos.com, we are incredibly passionate about what we do. We love creating videos and we’re dedicated to bringing industry experience and tools to the small businesses and entrepreneurs that need them.

That’s why we give every single project our all. We work tirelessly to create footage that you will be proud to use again and again. We always communicate with the client and we’re happy to provide revisions where necessary.

In short, we are a client-focused business and we want nothing more than to help your business achieve new heights. To start working with us, get in touch today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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