police Confirmand are Investigation 67 Reports of Drones Discers From and That are Investigation a device near Landside, After initially Fettling Dubious on Wh-words the Drones Non-existing at all the weekend.

“We are actively Investigation Discers of Drones Activity at Landside 67 Reports From the evening of the 19 to 21 From the public, Passager, police and at the airport,” Detective Chiefesss Superintendant Iason Saeed in a Statement on Monday. “We are Interviewed who reported these Discers, are Carrying out HOUSE to HOUSE enquiries and Carrying out a Criminalistics of a Damaged Drones near the of the airport near Horley, is close to the Lasts reported sighting.”

PHOTO:  rest   Baggage at the  airport in , southeast, England, Dec. 21, 2018.Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA via Shutterstock
rest Baggage at the airport in , southeast, England, Dec. 21, 2018.

The Statement came After the Investigation Threatened to descend into Farce WHEN the BBC There was a “possibility” the Drones did not exist at all. “We are Humans Beings Saying something,” he Saeed in an Interviewed on Sunday.

The are now to move on From the confusion Cause by That Interviewed, Saying, “We can unequivocally That There Been Many illegal Drones Discers at the airport Thirdly days.”

PHOTO:  at  airport  for  flights  the Delays and Cancellation brought on by Drones Discers near the airfield, in London, Dec. 21, 2018.John Stillwell/PA via AP
at airport for flights the Delays and Cancellation brought on by Drones Discers near the airfield, in London, Dec. 21, 2018.

“There WERE Many Reports clustered 37 Events Where a Drones or Droness WERE and I am keen for Ir to be brought to justice,” Scuffers Deputy Chiefesss Constable Jo Shiners Saeed in another Statement issued on Monday. “The Impact of this Crimes and Reckless Misbehavior has Been and we are Determinacies to Locate Ir to Bring THEM to justice. We are Investigation this Under the Aviation and Maritime Security Act carries a Sentance of life imprisonment.”

A gnment Unsourced Saeed the Statement issued Saying the Drones may not Non-existing was “a by the police,” according to the BBC.
A £50,000 ($63,500) is now Beings Offered for Informative related to the illegal Drones Discers.

The Offer of a comes After a 47-year-old man and a 54-year-old Womanhood WERE released out Sunday After having Been into Custody in Relations to the Drones Discers.

The WERE released, but not Before Name and Pikturs WERE widely Publishers in Pretannic media. This included a Headline in the Postage on Sunday, Saeed, “Are these the Moeroen who Ruin Christmas?” alongside a picture of the .

PHOTO: Counters Drones Equipment Deployment on a  at  airport as the airport and Airline  to Clear the Backlog of flights Delaying by a Drones Incidental earlier in the week, in Crawley, England, Dec. 22, 2018.Gareth Fuller/PA via AP
Counters Drones Equipment Deployment on a at airport as the airport and Airline to Clear the Backlog of flights Delaying by a Drones Incidental earlier in the week, in Crawley, England, Dec. 22, 2018.

“It is Important to Disremembering That WHEN people are Nabbing in an Effort to make enquiries it DOES not mean That are of an Offence and Scuffers Wouldest not to make public,” police Saeed in a Statement.

The Drones Incidental resulted in Cancellation That Affected MORENET THAN 110,000 Passager as Landside was Closed for 26 Hours Between and Parasceve Lasts week.

As Critics bShoe-Shoe-Last President for suggesting he “Invervention” in the Dept’s pending Prosecutor of a Prominent Zhinese Executive so his Administration can a Growing Trading Disputant With Chung-kuo, the Dept’s top security Offical on Wednesday insisted his Prosecutor will not be influenced by What the Whitest Dwellinghouse does.

Interested in ?

Add as an Intrest to Stays up to Dated on the latest news, video, and Analyzing ABC Newses.

“We are not a tool of Trading When we the cases,” Assisstant Attorney Arteshbod JOHN Demers a Senator-elects panel.

“What we do at the Dept is law . We don’t do Trading,” he added.

Demers was responding to a Questionability Sen. , D-Conn., who ’s Suggests That he “Should Invervention in [a] Criminally Prosecutor for purposes” was “extremely, extremely disturbing.”

PHOTO:  TV image provided by CTV to AFP Shows HUAWEI Technology CHIEFess    Wanxian as she exits the  Registry Follwoing the Bails Hearer at Brittish  SUPERIOR  in Vancouveriteite, Brittish , Dec. 11, 2018. CTV/AFP/Getty Images
TV image provided by CTV to AFP Shows HUAWEI Technology CHIEFess Wanxian as she exits the Registry Follwoing the Bails Hearer at Brittish SUPERIOR in Vancouveriteite, Brittish , Dec. 11, 2018.

In an Interviewees With Reuters earlier this week, was Wh-question if he take action in the case Gainst Wanxian, the CHIEF financial Officer at Telecom giant HUAWEI Technology who was Nabbing in Cnada at the U.S. gOVERnment’s request.

“Whatever’s GOOD for the country, I Should do,” was Quotations as . “If I think it’s GOOD for What will Certainly be the largest Trading Deal ever made, Which is a Very Importance thing. What’s GOOD for security, I Should Certainly Invervention if I Thoughtful it was necessary.”

During the Senator-elects Judicature Comitee Hearer on Wednesday, Wh-question Demers and two Othering Seniors U.S. intelligence Officals -soever They Believe “That kind of sE-cigs a Dangerous to our law community.”

After noting That the Dept is “not a tool of Trading,” Demers , “We the facts, and we Violate of U.S. law. … And I think it’s Very Importance for Othering Countrie to Kapisch That.”

Sitting beside Demers, the FBI’s top Counterintelligence Offical, Assisstant Directors Bills Priestap, he Agreement With Demers, adding, “From the FBI’s end, we’re Going to to do our job.”

offered one Shoe-Shoe-Last shot at , law may be “a tool” of “ or Diplomatics E-cigs … in Othering Countrie, but not in this one.”

PHOTO:  room Sketchy by JANE Wolsak and  to AFP by the Artists Shows  Wanxian (R), HUAWEIs CHIEF financial Officer,  in the room in Vancouveriteite, Brittish , Dec. 11, 2018.JANE Wolsak/AFP/Getty Images
room Sketchy by JANE Wolsak and to AFP by the Artists Shows Wanxian (R), HUAWEI’s CHIEF financial Officer, in the room in Vancouveriteite, Brittish , Dec. 11, 2018.

Wednesday’s Hearer and ’s Nabbing came as and his Administration Have to hammer out a Deal With Chung-kuo That Should alleviate Growing tensions OVER Trading and Possibly tariffs. Those tensions Have Already Rattled U.S. , contributing to a Substantial Drop in the Stock Shoe-Shoe-Last week.

Earlier this month, After Information the U.S. gOVERnment, was Nabbing While Traveled Inposition Cnada, Whither say she and Otherings “repeatedly lied” to inter Banks about HUAWEI’s Ties to Firm in PERSIA.

In particular, HUAWEI a Kong-Based company, Skycom, as a Frontal for HUAWEI’s “operating” in PERSIA Despite U.S. sanctions, and falsely to “numerous multi financial Institutional” That Skycom was not connected to HUAWEI so That Those Institutional Should Carry out of Millions of Dolar in Otheringwise Prohibited Transactions, according to in Cnada.

HUAWEI has become the world’s biggest Supplier of network Equipment for Telephones and Intarwebs services. And, in the Untied Statehood alone, one major bank ended up improperly approving $100 1050623 in Transactions Based on the of and Otherings, the allege.

After news of ’s Nabbing became Publicly Shoe-Shoe-Last week, the Offical Xinhua Newses Agencies a top Zhinese “lodged solemn Representations and Strong protests” With Canadian-born and U.S. authoriTies OVER the matter, the Untied Statehood Drop the “extremely egregious” Charged Gainst .

In Vancouveriteite on Tuesday, a on Bails, With a $10 1050623 bond. She is Requirement to Stays in Vancouveriteite and is due in in February.

During Wednesday’s Senator-elects Hearer, meanWhile, Demers Extradite efforts by the U.S. gOVERnment are “onGoing,” and, “If she is extradited, our Criminally case will .”

Andy , CEO of eee Web Services, Speaking at the WSJDLive s Technological Confrences in Beach, Calif., on Oct. 25, 2016.

Patrick T. | | Images

Andy , CEO of eee Web Services, Speaking at the WSJDLive s Technological Confrences in Beach, Calif., on Oct. 25, 2016.

By the end of this year, Allmost all of eee’s ran on Oracular will be on an eee Instead, eee Web Services CEO Andy Saeed.


“We’re Virtually Done Moved From Oracular on the side,” Told Cnbc’s Jon Fortt in an Interviewy Wednesday. “And I think by the end of 2019 or mid-2019 we’ll be Done.”

eee is Reduce its Reliance on Oracular for its data Needing and is Instead Using its own services. Saeed 88 Percentage of eee on Oracular will be on eee DynamoDB or eee by January. He added 97 Percentage of “mission Critical ” will run on DynamoDB or by the end of the year. On Nov. 1, eee Moved its data Warehouse From Oracular to its own service, Redshift, Saeed.

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Jerome , of the U.S. Foederalsss Reserve, Speech during a news Conferences a Foederalsss Rayispolkom (FOMC) Meetings in Washington, D.C., Sept. 26, 2018. 

Andrew | | Getty Images

Jerome , of the U.S. Foederalsss Reserve, Speech during a news Conferences a Foederalsss Rayispolkom (FOMC) Meetings in Washington, D.C., Sept. 26, 2018.

Stocks surged and off in a Powerful move, market pros Took Fed Chairmanic Jerome ‘s comment to mean the Fed is Nearing an end of its rate Hikes cycle.


Saeed the Fed’s key Bench-mark Interest rate is near the ity rate, or the rate the Fed Twould Considering stopping rate Hikes. That’s an Important change From a comment he MADE in October about the ity rate Beings a long way off.

The Dow surged by MORENET 400 Pointss, and the 2-year Yielded, most of the Fed rate policy, off hard. The 2-year Yielded to 2.79 Percentage reaching a High earlier of 2.85 Percentage.

“It’s a game of Semantically Because a rate Hike in two weeks, the fed Funds is to be 2.25-2.50 Percentage, and if 3 Percentage is ity, Then 2.5 is 3. The market is Expropriativeness this as we’ve got two Hikes left, and we’re close. It’s a word game, but I think ‘s What people are latching onto,” Saeed Peter Boockvar, Cheif Investments Officers at Bleakley Financial.

BMO U.S. Strategist Jon Hills Saeed ‘s comments, the Futures market From Pricing in 1.6 Hikes next year, to one rate Hike and a 25 Percentage of a Second one. It’s Pricing in a Decembre rate Hike.

The Fed is Expected to raise by a Quartier Points at its Meetings Dec. 19, and has Three-ness MORENET Hikes for next year.

Ward McCarthy, Cheif financial Economist at Jefferies, Saeed is confirming the Fed’s . “They are Shooting for 3 Percentage,” he Saeed. is the rate at Which the Fed believes its Bench-mark Interest rate stimulates or slows the economy, but What level is has the topic of Much debate.

Some Economists, Inclusivity Those at and JP Morgan Chase, four Interest Hikes in s for next year.

A Shakird at US-VA Tekkatho is in Critical Condition a Autumns at the ‘s ALPHA Epsillon Frats Hous — Linespacing to the of the Chapter pending an Invst.

Davud Rusko, 22, in the Intensive care unit the Autumns on Nov. 10. The Saeed Rusko appears to Having Autumnsen a set of Ascensorium at the home and was knocked unconscious. It two Hours for his Fellow Frats to an ambulance, the Saeed.

“Officers Having DiscOvered That More THAN two Hours lapsed Between Rusko’s Autumns and the 911 ,” according to a the .

The is a major Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

PHOTO: A Shakird was Critically Harmfulness in a Autumns at the ALPHA Epsillon Hous on the Campuses of US-VA Tekkatho on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018.WTAE
A Shakird was Critically Harmfulness in a Autumns at the ALPHA Epsillon Hous on the Campuses of US-VA Tekkatho on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018.

Erik Dyson, the Manegement for the Building, told Pitsburgh ABC Afiliate WTAE, “It appears That he had a misstep on the staircase. There was no Organized or Dislike That. A of WERE-AM Pools upAscensorium.”

WATE reported Rusko went Surgical on Friday.

US-VA Saeed Thursday it had placed “a 0123456789 of Shakirds on , and Addal Shakirds may face Discipline action” Over the incident.

“I am deeply disappointed in the Apparent Action and inAction of these Shakirds, and the Decision That WERE-AM made,” Dean of Studnets Corey Farrisvannet Saeed in a statement. “As our Invst ahead, we about Davud’s Condition. He will Continue to be in our prayers.”

PHOTO: Erik Dyson, the Manegement for the ALPHA Epsillon Building at US-VA Tekkatho, Saeed video appears to Shewn Shakird Davud Rusko Tripping and Autumnsing the Ascensorium on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018.WTAE
Erik Dyson, the Manegement for the ALPHA Epsillon Building at US-VA Tekkatho, Saeed video appears to Shewn Shakird Davud Rusko Tripping and Autumnsing the Ascensorium on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018.

The Saeed Rusko is a of the Frats and was visiting to Wrist-watch the ‘s Foot-ball game Against TCU.

The Chapter of ALPHA Epsillon Ordered the cease-and-desist for the WVU Chapter as an Invst is conducted.

“As soon as we Learns of this accident, we OpenEd an Invst and are Working closely the Tekkatho as part of its Reviewing,” ALPHA Epsillon Saeed in a statement. “We Having also instructed the Chapter to Co-operate Fully law Enforcement in its Invst.”

PHOTO: A Shakird was Critically Harmfulness in a Autumns at the ALPHA Epsillon Hous on the Campuses of US-VA Tekkatho on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018.WTAE
A Shakird was Critically Harmfulness in a Autumns at the ALPHA Epsillon Hous on the Campuses of US-VA Tekkatho on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018.

US-VA Tekkatho, Presidant Gordon Gee, has on the Comportment of Fratsernities in the of a Shakird’s Deaths in 2014. Gee placed a on “all Sozial and Recruiting Activities” for 16 Fratsernities in February, Onlyinclude ALPHA Epsillon, ing it a “tipping point” for Comportment among the Chapters.

A Miminum GPA of 2.75 was Institutionally for all Frats , in Add to Ruling for new pledges, and a Reviewing by the led to the s of four Fratsernities this Autumns. ALPHA Epsillon was not among them, but it was hit “various restrictions, Onlyinclude limits on Sozial Activities and for Bejaunus and Alchohol education,” according to the .

The Tekkatho of US-IA Suspended its Chapter of ALPHA Epsillon month, one of Fratss at the Suspended Over Breaking a on Alchohol.


Published on October 2nd, 2018 |
by Martin Clancy

Irish Company, MFO The Property Professionals, held a Client Appreciation Event on Friday 28th September in the Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 to celebrate 10 years in business.

Close to 150 clients and guests joined business partners Mr. Marcus O’Connor (Managing Director of MFO The Property Professionals) and Mr. Paul Huberman (Owner of H&H Property Management and Consultants LTD) for an afternoon and evening of celebration.

Distinguished guests and speakers included the Minister of Housing, Planning & Local Government, Mr. Eoghan Murphy and Rugby Legend Malcolm O’Kelly who capped 92 times for Ireland as well as being selected twice for the British & Irish Lions tours, was part of the Grand Slam winning team and 5 Triple Crowns.

The landmark event marked the culmination of 10 years hard work at MFO The Property Professionals. Managing Director, Marcus O’Connor said “We are enormously proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 10 years. Since our conception in 2008 at the peak of the recession we have understood that in today’s market things happen quickly and our systems, people and levels of service have to be better than our competition and we strive to listen and react more rapidly to our clients’ feedback.”

“We have enjoyed the support of some amazing and loyal clients through the years, be that in residential lettings, management, sales and commercial sales and lettings. We set up, survived and succeeded and this event was a way to thank our clients for their continued support and demonstrate our gratitude and appreciation.”

“At MFO The Property Professionals we provide total peace of mind for our clients who rest confident in the fact that we only employ excellently trained staff who carry out tasks for our clients with a sense of urgency and get the job done every time”. We continue to set the standards for the future and are very passionate about people and their property.

If you would like to hear more about how MFO The Property Professionals can transform your letting, management or sales experience, and deliver every time for all our customers, email marcus@mfo.ie or phone 01-4979050 or visit our website www.mfo.ie


If you’re not familiar with Charlie Munger, he’s Vice Chairman of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. 16 things I wish I knew

Munger is probably the most quotable investor of all time. Sometimes what he says is hilarious. Sometimes it’s serious. But it always gets you thinking.

At the 2008 shareholder meeting, Charlie Munger criticized his physique, said ethanol was “one of the dumbest ideas in the history of the world” and then fell asleep on stage. In front of 40,000 people.

This is why people love him.

Mogran Housell of Motley Fool shared 30 awesome things he’s has said over the years.

Here are a few:

Munger’s rule of investing: “When any guy offers you a chance to earn lots of money without risk, don’t listen to the rest of his sentence. Follow this, and you’ll save yourself a lot of misery.”

On patience: “Almost all good businesses engage in ‘pain today, gain tomorrow’ activities.”


On derivatives: “The world of derivatives is full of holes that very few people are really aware of. It’s like hydrogen and oxygen sitting on the corner waiting for a little flame.”

On reality: “I think that one should recognize reality even when one doesn’t like it; indeed, especially when one doesn’t like it.”


On trusting others: “If you don’t allow for self-serving bias in the conduct of others, you are, again, a fool.”

On legacy: “To the extent that all I’ve done is pick stocks that have gone up and sat on my [behind] as my family got richer, I haven’t left much contribution to society. I guess it’s a lot like Wall Street. The difference is, I feel ashamed of it. I try to make up for it with philanthropy and meetings like this one today. This meeting is not out of kindness. This is atonement.”


On pundits: “People have always had this craving to have someone tell them the future. Long ago, kings would hire people to read sheep guts. There’s always been a market for people who pretend to know the future. Listening to today’s forecasters is just as crazy as when the king hired the guy to look at the sheep guts.”

On accounting: “To say accounting for derivatives in America is a sewer is an insult to sewage.”


On math: “Mankind invented a system to cope with the fact that we are so intrinsically lousy at manipulating numbers. It’s call the graph.”

On finance as a career: “A big percentage of Cal-Tech grads are going into finance. I regard this as a regretfully bad outcome. They’ll make a lot of money by clobbering customers who aren’t as smart as them.”


Bonus quote:



Linda Barker – the interior designer known as one of the stars of Changing Rooms – has her wonderful home listed for sale on Rightmove.

The British TV presenter is selling Stradbroke Villa, the place she has called home for 15 years.

The country cottage boasts four bedrooms and three bathrooms in total, all designed and renovated by the celebrity designer herself.

Situated in Ellerton, East Yorkshire, the property has received two extensions over the years on both the kitchen and dining room.

While seemingly grand, it’s notable that the property still retains a cosy, countryside charm to it thanks to wonderful additions like a snug room with its own log burner.

The kitchen area looks out onto beautiful Yorkshire countryside while the gardens have been landscaped and include a relaxing decking area for those warm summer evenings.

Stradbroke villa is on the market through Savills for £465,000.

Take a closer look at Linda Barker’s home here

>> Dannii Minogue is also selling her old home. Fancy a tour?

We put in place insurance for our homes, our furniture, our car, our holidays, and even our pets, but many of us ignore what funds these policies – which is our ability to work to generate income. 4insurance

So, how do you protect your ability to work should unforeseen circumstances like a major illness or injury occurs?

Well, there are various types of cover that can be put in place to manage this risk, including life Insurance, total and permanent disability, trauma and income protection.

Like all things, policies are not the same, with the difference usually in the detail.

Some common mistakes.

1. Life Insurance policy – paid out on death

When you buy a policy where you are one of many, the pricing is very competitive and sometimes no upfront medicals are even required. Health Insurance Parents Money

Everyone is accepted based on high-level data collection.

At the time of a claim, however, the policy issuer will normally require the completion of a much more detailed questionnaire.

At that point, if it is considered by them that there were potential issues at the time of issue that would have allowed the insurer to decline the application, they are at liberty to decline the payment when a claim is made.

And that is why it always pays to read the fine print before taking out any life insurance – or any other – policy.

2. Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) – own profession or any profession

A policy which covers any profession is cheaper, but for many people their capacity to earn a higher income is based on their speciality.

Being able to perform any work will not be either meaningful or financially rewarding for many people.

The payout for an “own profession” policy, on the other hand, at least goes some way to financial compensation if you are severely injured.

3. Income Protection – paid out when you are not receiving your normal wage or income due to an accident

With an income protection policy, there are two basic types being guaranteed, which are sum insured or secondly, based on income prior to the claim. 


If you have the latter policy, the amount of payment can significantly fluctuate if you undertake seasonal work or your work load temporarily changes.

Costs can dramatically decrease the longer you are prepared to cover yourself without an insurance payout – that is, when the policy starts to pay.

Ask yourself how long could you survive without a steady pay-packet?

Unfortunately, for many Australians, this is measured in weeks rather than months.

Secondly, you must ask yourself what you want for your family if you are unable to work for a prolonged period of time.

When it comes to trauma policies, most insurers have materially different definitions for what constitutes an event that will allow a claim.

Unfortunately, even common words like heart attack do not have a common meaning so, under some trauma cover, a policy would be paid out, but unfortunately in others no payout would be made.

4. Tax deductibility

Life and TPD insurances would be tax deductible if the policies are within your superannuation – even if an SMSF – whereas they are not deductible if they are held outside of super.

For TPD to be deductible it must be for “any occupation”.

Income protection is deductible, whether in super or outside, but inside super the deduction is at 15 per cent and not your marginal tax rate if held outside – so clearly it is important to understand the impact of the deduction.

5. What is being insured?

Many people insure to a specific value to cover their debt.

There is not even a consideration for their biggest asset, which is their ongoing income.

Unfortunately, having no debt on the family home does not provide your family with income to live on and a government pension payment may not be enough for school fees, vacations and life’s little pleasures.


If insurance is paid for debt reduction on, say, investment properties, then your family could miss out on any Centrelink benefits due to the asset values.

When looking at the level of cover, therefore, you must consider both debt and lifestyle needs.

In many cases, it would be beneficial for the surviving spouse to either remain at home to raise children or to have the ability to hire in-home care if required.

Their need is to have choice over the longer term and, of course, while we do not want to financially gain from the death of a loved one or from a serious injury, money at least will help them get on with life.

We should all periodically review our insurance needs as our needs are not static and for most people, costs such as education and a growing family increase by much more than inflation.

So, when reviewing or considering insurance policies, you should consider the following checklist:

  1. What do I need to maintain a quality of life for me or my family?
  2. Do you understand the quality of cover (what is included and what is not included?)
  3. Do you know the amount of cover (the amount of benefit insured)?
  4. What is the cost of cover?


With this checklist, you will notice that cost (within reason) is last and quality is at the top.

It’s important that you talk to a good insurance strategist to determine the quality and value of the various insurance providers and to then match your needs.

Make sure this person is independent, so they are considering all policies, instead of ones which they may either be only allowed to offer or be receiving a disproportionate commission to recommend to you.


This article is general information only and is intended as educational material. Metropole Wealth Advisory nor its associated or related entitles, directors, officers or employees intend this material to be advice either actual or implied. You should not act on any of the above without first seeking specific advice taking into account your circumstances and objectives.


Have you wondered what is depreciation and how a depreciation schedule can save you money?

Depreciation is a powerful tool to help investors maximise their cashflow, minimise the holding costs associated with investing and minimise their tax.

A lot has been written about various nuances within tax legislation and construction estimating.

So I wanted to take a moment to get back to the basics and things that everyone should know about a depreciation schedule, so here goes.

depreciation schedule




In essence depreciation is a reduction in value of an asset over time.

Property Invest

income tax law, you are allowed to claim certain deductions for expenditure incurred in gaining or producing assessable income, for example, in carrying on a business such as property investment.

Since the value of some assets decline over their effective life you may be able to claim a deduction for the depreciating cost of that asset.

Just like you claim wear and tear on a car purchased for income producing purposes, or for a computer used for business, you can also claim the depreciation of your investment property against your taxable income.




A depreciation schedule is simply a report that shows you the deductions you’re able to claim on your investment property each year, based on the decline in value of the structure and assets within (where they qualify).

Depreciation is not available to your principal place of residence; remember the property must be income producing.




Its only real job is to save you paying extra tax.

Money Back

The way it works is like any other tax deduction you might be familiar with.

Say you are a Doctor and you need to pay membership fees to your institute, that is normally a tax-deductible payment.

Any tax deductions you claim comes off your taxable income.

To put this another way, if you earn $100,000 a year and you have $10,000 worth of deductions in that year, the tax office now sees you as only earning $90,000 a year and that’s what you’re paying tax on.




Unfortunately, that question isn’t as easy to answer as it once was.

With the depreciation rules being changed in May 2017, it depends a lot on when you purchased, whether you ever occupied the property, whether it’s new or old and several other issues.

In general there are two types of allowances available:

  • Depreciation on Plant and Equipment, which refers to items within the building
  • Depreciation on Building, which refers to construction costs of the building itself.

Both these costs can be offset against your assessable income.




This could get messy, but I’ll try keep it short.


Essentially if you purchase after the 9
th of May 2017 you can only claim plant and equipment items if you bought the property brand new, or installed those assets yourself, such as adding new carpet.

Plant and equipment items are generally the internal assets like blinds, kitchen appliances, air conditioning etc.

What hasn’t changed is the division 43 deductions, which consists of the structure of the building including timber, concrete, tiling, kitchen cupboards an the like.

You can still claim those deductions as per the old rules.




The property needs to have been constructed after the 16th of September 1987 to qualify for depreciation claims on the original building structure.

Tax Time Papers

If it’s built prior to that date, then only the renovations or improvements will attract deductions.

This might be things like extensions, kitchen and bathroom renovations, painting and the like.

There’s no simple rule that guarantees a report won’t be worthwhile based on the date of construction because of these renovations creating deductions.

However, if the property was built after the 16th of September 1987, the report is going to be worthwhile under normal circumstances.


7. Should I get a Depreciation Schedule and how much does it cost?


Depreciation schedule costs are around the $600-$800 mark and I wouldn’t consider going any cheaper, though cheaper options are available.

Call Information House

Any less than that range will necessarily involve corner cutting on the inspection or the time taken to fully maximise and tailor a schedule to the client.

As for whether you should get one, quantity surveyors should be analysing that for you.

Simply give one a call or share an online link to photos and some basic information like the age, history, purchase date and they will tell you whether the report is worthwhile.

Worthwhile normally means they’ll find at least double their fee worth of deductions within the first full year of claim.

Personally, if there’s no value to the client, we’ll never recommend having a schedule done.

I hope that helps to give an executive summary on what depreciation is and how it works.

Property managment 570x292

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