A quick head’s up for anyone that’s in the market for a BTL Mortgage!

Property Master is a FREE online buy-to-let specialist mortgage brokers, who typically save borrowers £1,800 (based on current annual outgoings per property).

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I first across Property Master a couple of months ago, when I received a promotional email from LandlordZone.

Normally, my eyes glaze over junk promotional emails of similar nature, but for some reason or another – perhaps my corpse was low on caffeine and having a slow day – the catchy headlines managed to snatch my attention milliseconds before I hit the “delete” button.

Yup, the flashing lights got me (just as they intended): “You won’t get quotes this precise anywhere else – faster and better than a broker.

Ok, so you managed to grab my interest. What else you got for me?

The perks of Property Master’s BTL mortgage brokerage service:

According to their sales spiel…

  • Free unbiased scan of 2000+ live deals (many of which are not available for direct application to the lender)
  • No need to speak with a broker
  • Fast results in 10 minutes
  • Typical saving of £1,800 based on current annual outgoings per property
  • Expert support always on hand
  • Lender criteria updated daily
  • 5 Star Trust Pilot Reviews (9.5 TrustScore at the time of writing this blog post)

If you’re interested (or want to find out more)…

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Or, if you want to know more…

Online BTL mortgage broker Vs Local high-street mortgage broker

You mean, besides from the fact it’s a butt-ton more convenient and quicker to use an online broker? I honestly can’t think of any other notable difference. At least, nothing that affects the quality of the end product (i.e. the mortgage). That’s pretty much the basis of why I’m sharing this service, because it’s a quick and easy way of accessing quotes from a specialist BTL mortgage broker.

I appreciate the fact that a lot of folk are old-school, so they like the physical interaction of dealing with someone. Old-school habits die hard, I get it. No judgement from me.

I, on the other hand, am the type of fellow that orders bog-roll off Amazon because of the convenience factor, so using an online broker to establish a few quotes is a no-brainer for me.

However, something to bear in mind when dealing with any mortgage broker, whether it be a local high-street broker or an online one, is that they generally don’t have access to the same deals. So, that means not all brokers will show you the same mortgage deals available. Some brokers will have access to more and/or better products than others.

Property Masters say they have access to 2000+ live BTL mortgage deals, which ain’t bad at all.

One last important factor to bear in mind is that not all mortgage brokers are free. So before you decide to work with one, get clarity on their fees!

More about Property Master & their BTL mortgage service

Up until I got suckered into the promo email from LandlordZone, I had never heard of Property Master. But then again, I really couldn’t name any other online mortgage broker, so my ignorance means absolutely nothing, other than the fact I’m not a mortgage broker boffin.

However, the fact that LandlordZone – a reputable landlord… err… zone – were promoting them, I already came to the conclusion they were legit. Of course, that didn’t stop me from undertaking my own due diligence.

As already mentioned, they’ve accumulated some raving reviews on TrustPilot. Beyond that, there’s a lot of guff about the company on the SEEDRS website, where they successfully crowd-funded £286,983.

But since the job of a legitimate broker is to simply provide a selection of products to choose from, there’s typically very little danger. In the worst case scenario, they won’t connect you with the most competitive BTL mortgage.

In the past, I’ve just scoured through the usual suspects for mortgage deals, including my local high-street banks and building societies and the obvious comparison websites. But next time, I’ll definitely give Property Master a spin as an addition. Operative word being “addition”

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If anyone decides to get any quotes off them, please let me know the outcome, good or bad…

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